Slut Shaming In India



Google: Slut Shaming

Definition: (noun) the action or fact of stigmatizing a woman for engaging in behaviour judged to be promiscuous or sexually provocative.

Translation: Log kya kahenge? Log ka kaam hi hai kehna.


One day, a rather quaint Friday morning, a friend and I decided to go for a run. We’d been going running for sometime now, although sporadically (We preferred hanging out with our other friend named lethargy on most days).

It was a 3mile run, along a path in an agricultural institute divided between fields, rows of trees canopying the track and vegetable patches here and there. It’s understandable why we made an effort to run.

The 3miles ended at the canteen serving hot Idlis and coffee. Naturally, after the run, breathless and famished, we decided to get some Idli Vada at the canteen. While I was receiving the token for breakfast, three middle-aged women walked up to my friend, Dost.

Let’s call them Aunty 1, Aunty 2 and Cruella De Ville (Cue Mean Girls theme song).

CDV: (in Kannada) Could you ask your friend to dress appropriately? Maybe wear a shirt over that sleeveless top?

Dost: What? Why?

CDV: Can’t you see? All these (old, wrinkled, zero fuck giving) men are staring at her. It’s so indecent.

Dost: It’s perfectly fine and moreover, what’s your deal? She can wear anything she pleases. Stop saying such stupid things.

CDV and her comrades exchanged looks and started bellowing at Dost. She yelled back at them and threatened to strip in order to instigate them, because watching a girl strip naked ranks right below ‘your child not getting a medical or engineering seat’ and right above ‘what if the protagonist in my soap opera dies?’ in the top 101 fears of Indian Aunties.

*Enter me*

Me: Hi, what happened?

Dost : This stupid lady thinks you should dress appropriately.

Me: Um, what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?

CDV: It’s indecent, like a ‘prostitute’ and every guy is staring at you.

Me: I think everyone’s staring at me because of your yelling and there are so many guys who wear sleeveless shirts and come running. You never ask them to change.

Aunty 2: But don’t you get it ma? Guys and Girls are different.

[ Women who love being women all over the world: TERI MAA KI ]

                                                                                              Based on true events   

                                                                  — The end —

But is it really the end?



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